Fuel Monitor


The least trustworthy instrument in your aircraft is your fuel gauge.

Arrive safely while easing your mind (and those of your passengers) by utilizing the Fuel Monitor,

a simple and versatile 3-1/4" square fuel countdown timer you’ll be gratified to have at your side.

Velcro your FUEL MONITOR to your kneeboard, available panel space or any other cockpit surface.

Or pop in the 3-1/8” accompanying cylinder for  mounting in an available panel location. Mount semi-permanently

with rubber cement for easy transfer to another aircraft.  Ideal for flight schools and fleet operators.

Set-up for your specific aircraft takes less than a minute including unusable fuel (U) for 4 tanks,  the starting fuel (S) you've physically confirmed, and  fuel burn (B) for for your mission.  Upon departure, press the start button and you’ll see total fuel time available for all tanks and in the active tank (or tanks) you’ve selected.   Compare fuel time available with your GPS ETA at a glance.  Change your fuel burn rate in flight,  and time remaining is adjusted.    Alarms appear for low fuel for the active tank and the aircraft as a whole.

The FUEL MONITOR is powered from a provided USB cable from ship’s power.  Charge or power another device

from the extra USB port right on the FUEL MONITOR.  Comes with a handsome travel case with storage for

included and user-provided power cables.