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Lift Monitor System Components

The differential air pressure gauge senses air pressure impacting the wing probe at two ports arranged at a 45° angle. Pressure sensed by the port parallel to the wing chord drives the needle upward into the green while the other port drives the needle downward toward the red arc. As the angle of attack increases, the parallel port pressure decreases while the angled port pressure inreases, moving the needle downward.

• All Lift Monitor kits include probe cover and 15' of color-coded and bonded polyurethane tubing for easy routing.

• Panel mount kit includes an adapter plate for gauge installation in an existing 3-1/8" instrument hole as well as a concentric

scribing die to expand an existing 2-1/4" instrument hole.

• Glare shield kit includes an anodized aluminum mounting bracket, brass instrument screws, and aluminum locknuts.